Kids are off from school and now you need ideas of what to do with them at home. We got you…

  • pillow forts – don’t forget the battery- operated lantern
  • backyard camp out– get that family tent out (you remember how fun this was as a kid)
  • scavenger hunt– send the kids on a hunt for things around the house that you are thankful for
  • puppet show– turn on The Sound of Music for inspiration perhaps?
  • board gamesretro (click for suggestions) or new… they are all fun.
  • Pinterest fun craftsstart here

We know these don’t sound like any new or exciting ideas you haven’t had before, but it’s likely you may not have done any of these in while. They are classic family time activities we all used to love and enjoy before we were all buried in a cell phone. Enjoy your time together.


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