Fall and Winter fires are at our door step and we all love a good porch fire. Chimineas were invented many centuries ago in the South (Mexico that is) to cook, cake, and gather around. We may not be using them for food preparations any longer, but the gathering part… yeah we still do that. Before you sit in front of one, let’s discuss some safety precautions we wanted you to have:

Secure a stand

Bricks, pavers, cement or any other inflammable material make great bases, or stands for these bulb-shaped fire pit.

Fire Distancing

Like all of us during COVID, you should stand your chiminea at least 14-16 feet away from any structure, tree, or shrubs and flowers you have around your patio.

Be Organic

Don’t start your fire with gasoline, lighter fluid, or flammable liquids. Use kindling- only. That can be old newspapers, tissue paper, shredding or just gathered sticks.

Spark Screens

Use them to contain embers and make sure they don’t need to be replaced from last year.

No Bulk Burning

These little guys are not made to handle large fires, so be kind to your chiminea and do not overload it.

Chill out

Ash will hold heat for a while after the fire is out. Make sure it is cooled off entirely and for some time, before handling or cleaning it out. Do not use water to clean your clay chiminea.


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