Everyone reading this lives in and around Austin, Texas. Our weather irregularities are a state-wide joke that we tell too often, but the truth. As Austin’s best family-owned and operated HVAC company, we thought it helpful to write an article about some helpful stress tips. Remember these in those couple of hours that you will be in panic mode before we get there to repair your problem. Use these tips for that situation,  or another awesome 2020 moment.


Keep your wits about you. Remember that everything in your home is fixable and there is a service repair company out there for everything. We happen to be the ones that will fix this problem, but there is always a solution.

When all else fails- just quote Harry and Lloyd.

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Ever overreact and then look back and wonder how ridiculous you looked? Remember that feeling when you are about to do it again. Nothing, when it comes to a home repair, is going to end the world- so take a deep breath and start making plans to fix it instead. Understandably, costs to repair can be stressful and we get that, but overreacting does not and will not ever make anything cheaper.


Heater isn’t working and you have to be at work in 5 minutes. Now it is time to get your schedule in front of you, get an appointment set with Airtech and move on with life. One tactic successful people use is back-casting, which is thinking about that final objective and the steps needed to reach it. Nothing helps you stay calm like a clear plan of attack.

Close your eyes for a minute.

80 percent of sensory stimulation comes in through the eyes, so shutting them every now and then gives your brain a break in moments like these. You don’t have to be sleeping (because you need to fix the a/c), but lying in bed with our eyes closed allows for some chill time that we need before being bombarded with stimulation.

Keep in mind, that we know this better than anyone in the business does- so whatever is going on with your system- we have your back. We are going to find the most cost-effective way to fix your problem. Our goal is for you to feel safe and secure that your HVAC system is in the right hands.


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