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There’s more focus than ever on healthy buildings and homes. But healthy indoor environments are not about a moment – they’re part of a movement. And Carrier is here to lead it with an unmatched breadth and depth of products covering HVAC, fire and security.

The human impact of healthy buildings

From the most fundamental elements of safety and security to the cognitive and health benefits of improved air quality and ventilation, healthy buildings provide environments that are optimized to positively impact the people inside. It’s why Carrier is leading the way in helping customers think about buildings differently – starting by thinking about building occupants first.

Explore what’s possible with a healthy building strategy, how to get started and why it makes sense to turn to Carrier for our expertise and an industry-leading portfolio across nearly all aspects of healthy buildings.

Explore how Carrier is bringing healthy buildings to life

As the inventors of modern air conditioning and a world leader in HVAC, refrigeration, and fire and security solutions, Carrier has a legacy of creating safe and comfortable buildings. Our Healthy Buildings Program builds on that legacy through in-depth expertise and a holistic suite of healthy building technologies and services to address the immediate pandemic concerns and long into the future.

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Carrier experts have in-depth knowledge and experience in commercial buildings and a holistic suite of healthy building technologies and services. With an understanding of how healthy buildings can impact the bottom line for a business, we’re here to help transform offices and other commercial environments into tools that drive energy efficiency, human health and worker productivity.

As the hospitality industry looks to reopen and rebound from historically low occupancy rates, Carrier has the expertise and solutions to help. By focusing on healthy building strategies and creating healthy indoor environments in hotels, owners and operators can help ensure the health and safety of guests and staff in the short term, while enhancing the guest experience, delivering wellness as a differentiator and driving brand loyalty into the future.

Carrier has extensive expertise in education applications – from sprawling college campuses to elementary schools. Through healthy buildings strategies, we can help you keep students healthy in the short term while harnessing opportunities to drive overall student health, performance and productivity moving forward.

At the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare facilities have faced critical challenges in caring for patients while ensuring safety and minimizing disease spread. Carrier is here to help with decades of experience in healthcare, including a role in establishing the first NICU – one of the earliest examples of a healthy indoor environment – at Allegheny General Hospital in 1914. Today, healthcare customers can turn to us for the solutions and expertise to help meet these challenges and improve infection control in the short term, while enhancing patient experiences and outcomes, staff productivity and building efficiency moving forward.

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