The Perfect Bathroom Heat

Bathrooms are typically the coldest room in the house- perhaps the tiled floor is what does it or the fact that this is the room you are most likely to take your warm clothes off in. Either way, you are looking for a quick fix when you need it. We hear ya! Here is a list of some space heaters that we hear are good- that will do the trick:

Clearly we aren’t going to drag that out- those are the top brands we found on Amazon and the reviews make us feel okay about suggesting them. We do not sell these, so our advice comes from other people’s opinions, but we hope our research is accurate and helpful!
May we also make a dorky suggestion for you to buy one of these blanket robes that you can throw on, on your way to the loo…
You can also call us- to make sure that your HVAC is working perfectly and you are getting the perfect amount of heat in each room. Changing out filters is our job, not yours, so let us come out and get you set up for this winters cold nights.


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