moon gardens

With the solar eclipse coming into town, we thought it best to look into how to preserve the magic of that day, long after it has come and gone. What we found… moon gardens. What is a moon garden? It is a Texas friendly plant garden that bloom at night under the moon’s light?

Interested yet?

These gardens are designed to be enjoyed after dusk, when you are sitting in your backyard enjoying the Texas summer nights. They typically feature pale-colored plants that reflect the moon’s light and have fragrant flowers. This will attract nighttime pollinators.

How to start…

1) Look into the five gardening regions across Texas to study your areas soil composition and typical climates
2) Research and find white and silver plants as the foundation of the garden. Lay a layer of Lamb’s Ear, Artemisia, or Dusty Miller to begin.
3) Embellish with bright-white plants like Butterfly Ginger, Gardenias, or Shasta Daisies.
4) Finally add a layer of plants that will stand out in the moonlight, but also add a bit of color. White and pink Evening Primrose, Texas Sage, or Snow on the Prairie do great for this layer.

Don’t forget!

Moon garden plants are shy- hence they only come out at night- to shield them as much as you can from light pollution. Keep landscaping lights to a minimum so that they can really shine on their own!


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