As temperatures rise into eventual summer heat, scorpions begin to show their ugly faces, especially at your house. We decided to share information to protect your home from the critters.

In Texas, scorpion season is from July to August, but some homeowners are already seeing the critters creep into their homes- most likely looking for water or a person to sting. Experts say that scorpions look for what they call “air curtains” when the air conditioning tries to keep it cool from inside the home. Any kind of leak or seal that has fault inside the house is like an “air curtain” for the scorpions to get in.

A few solutions to keep scorpions away from you:

  • ┬áSealing holes with steel wool or copper mesh
  • Tidy up your backyard. Especially keeping firewood stacked away from your home
  • Empty the kiddie pool after use
  • Cut overhanging branches that reach your house
  • Scatter cinnamon oil in dark locations, on potted plants, and around floorboards to drive scorpions out


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