We know that most of you are already dead set on your go-to map choice, but if you just got a new phone or are new to the digital map world, we wanted to help you  make a choice on which one is best for you. Here are the differences between the three top map choices:

Google Maps

Excellent for trip planning ahead of the drive
• Offline Usage
• Pit Stops
• Walk, Bike & Public Transit Options
• Alternate Routes
• Save Your Favorite & Most Frequented Placesd


Great for the fastest route possible

• Analyzes Real-Time Traffic
• Ability to Report Hazards

* No Pedestrian or Cyclist or Public Transit Options
* Beware of Pop-Ups

Apple Maps

Awesome for privacy
Apple “fuzzes” Data for Anonymity
• Ability to Save Favorite Locations
• Choreograph a Lengthy Journey


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