help plants during winter

Texas was impacted last February with the winter storm- with at least $600 million in agricultural losses. This number includes nurseries, garden stock centers, and commercial crops but not personal landscaping and gardening. We found a few tips to help your plants during winter out in case we get another shock this February (considering we just had a 50 degree change in weather on the New Year).

Help your plants during winter by doing this…

  • Water your plants a few days before a freeze and then right before it to help trap warmth in the soil
  • Apply mulch as a blanket
  • Cover them all up if you can of course- with really anything that can trap heat
  • Prune back dead wood to avoid weight of snow and ice breaking limbs

Help your plants after winter by doing this…

  • Trim back mushy plants and dead branches
  • Leave trees alone and see what they do- they are more resilient than you think

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