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The general rule of thumb here is this- during extremely high temperatures (like 90’s and above), your unit may run more constantly than when the outside temp and inside are not so against one another. There are times to be worried that your unit is overrunning- but we will cover that.

Knowing your unit well, is our job, but knowing it enough to know there is a problem is wise. Problems can worsen if you do not take notice of them sooner than later. Your unit having a long and prosperous life depends on good maintenance and a quick response time when things go wrong- kind of like your self care.

Here is when to worry:

1) You notice that it is no longer comfortable in the room, but the AC is running non-stop.

2) You check the thermostat and the desired or set temperature are way off, but the unit has been running non-stop

What are possible reasons why your unit may need some TLC from Airtech

  • If the airflow going to your unit gets restricted or blocked, it will have to work harder. It may simply be time to change out a dirty air filter, look into disconnected or leaking ducts, or unblock and check flow of air vents.
  • Another culprit is a dirty evaporator coil in the inside unit or dirt building up on the condenser coils on the outside unit.
  • Low refrigerant levels will keep your unit from reaching it’s full potential. Cues to this being the problem are hissing or bubbling noises, warm air from the AC vents, and ice buildup on the unit’s exterior and/or on the refrigerant line.
  • Wrong sized units are a absolute cause of it running for too long. It is trying to keep up with the spacial demands of your home and just simply cannot.

We are here to help and guide you through these problems and solutions as Austin’s most reliable HVAC company ( in our opinion). Being a family run company- we work hard every day to maintain the reputation we have worked so hard to get. Austin is growing so fast and we hope to keep our place as your trusted source for HVAC installations and repairs .. but especially maintenance. Knowing your unit better than you do means you have to put us on several dates with your unit so we can get to know one another 😉

Call us today to set up our first date with your unit!



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