We liked that last article so much (the one about preparing your home for the Fall), we made another one. Here are 5 more tips before the Winter is upon us and we are scrambling to do the things we could have done while it was 80 degrees outside and nice.

1. Clean the fireplace and chimney 

Before you fire up the fireplace this Winter, make sure it’s clean and ready to go. Your fireplace & chimney should be cleaned and inspected every 50 burns to ensure that it’s ready to be used.

2. Check all smoke detectors 

Replace all batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home. Once you’ve replaced the batteries, press the test button to insure they are working properly.

3. Remove warm weather clothes from storage

Either donate it if you decide you won’t wear it this Fall, or bring it in.

4. Check windows & doors for leaks

If your windows are not sealed properly, your home could lose lots of heat, causing your gas and heating bills to spike! Check for leaks now and have a worry-free winter.

5. Organize the shop

While you are getting all of those decorations down, it would be a good time to install some shelving or add some hooks to keep your garage more organized year-round. This also keeps it clear of fire and trip hazards so you can scurry around injury-free.


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